Automating Sales Prospecting at Touch

Touch, a Techstars backed startup, harnesses AI to streamline manual research for Account Executives. We implemented machine learning to enhance lead accuracy and efficiency, significantly elevating productivity. This case study delves into our AI-driven approach that transformed sales prospecting.

Key achievements

Enhanced User Satisfaction: Iterative design improvements led to a 410% month-over-month surge in app engagement.

Funding Success: Directed the design of an MVP that helped a company to secure pre-seed funding.

Techstars Recognition: Designed MVP which played an important role in the company's acceptance into the Techstars New York City accelerator, an elite program with a 1% acceptance rate, underscoring the standout potential of our product design.

User-Centered Research

Conducted comprehensive interviews with Account Executives from industry leaders like Google, Oracle, and Brex to map out the sales prospecting landscape.

Identified key user frustrations and time sinks through empathetic user research and field studies.

Data-Driven Problem Identification

Applied analytics to CRM usage patterns to pinpoint inefficiencies and areas where design intervention could yield substantial time savings.

Integrated feedback loops and AI analysis tools to transform qualitative insights into actionable design objectives.


Designed a user interface that seamlessly integrates with machine learning models to offer real-time, data-enriched customer insights, minimizing manual data entry and research time.

Discovery and Strategy


Account Executive

โ€œI spend so much time searching companies that would fit within my territory then searching my CRM to see if somebody else is working the account or not...โ€


Account Executive

โ€œA lot of the work is scrubbing the CRM to really find the right accounts... updating all the data, right? Email addresses, website, physical location, addresses.โ€


VP Sales

โ€œThe problem with SDRs is that they're really young, it's their first job, they don't really know what they're doing... they don't check for duplicate accounts.โ€


Account Executive

โ€œSo talking about personalization, we've been doing it manually... we spend a lot of time on personalization... exciting news that they've been posting, any new product the company has launched.โ€

User-Centric Iterations

Initiated with a baseline usability test, which highlighted a issues, prompting the first design iteration.

The second iteration focused on simplifying navigation, which decreased task failure rates.

Real-World Feedback Application

Continuous user engagement sessions, like the one with Synthesized's VP of Sales, provided real-world insights that directly informed design tweaks.

Metrics-Driven Refinements

Subsequent tests showed a reduction in time-to-completion for key tasks, leading to a more streamlined user flow in the third iteration.

By the fourth iteration, we achieved a user satisfaction score increase, with near-zero task failure rates.

The Problem


Time-Consuming Research

2+ Hours daily: Account Executives engage in over two hours of manual research daily to identify leads, a process ripe for optimization.


Personalized Outreach Challenge

20+ Hours for 100 Emails: Account Executives engage in over two hours of manual research daily to identify leads, a process ripe for optimization.


Potential Revenue Impact

$700B Lost Annually: These inefficiencies lead to a substantial loss in potential revenue, rising the need for an automated solution.

User Testing: The Path to Iterative Design

User testing session with Synthesizedโ€™s VP Sales

My Multifaceted Role at Touch

Pioneering UX design, I fostered AI innovation alongside Engineers, CTO, and CEO, enhancing sales prospecting through cross-functional collaboration.

Strategic Design Leadership

Cross-functional Teamwork

Pioneering AI & ML Solutions via UX








Increase revenue pipeline for sales teams in B2B Technology companies

Main goal




Account Executive





Time consuming research

CAN-SPAM policy violation

Domain blocking

Low reply and open rates


Time consuming research

Double check oof SDR/BDR work

Outreach taking a lot of time

Sales goals


High-cost sales team

Revenue goals are not achieved

Buyers and Users



Letโ€™s check out few screens

In our first date we ask several questions to learn more about our customer!

On the home screen user can access to Contacts lists created by Touch

All contacts lists are created based on analyzed data from sources like customerโ€™s CRM

Inside the lists customerโ€™s can find contacts of ideal customers

Based on data about contacts and customer, app can create personalized email

User can track sent emails status, such as opens, clicks, bounces

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